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Re: [T3] IRS problem (and I don't mean taxes)

> > You may have something here ,are we talking about the same bolt ?  the
> > Bolt is referred to as the diagonal arm Bolt in the Bentley. It had a
> > big head medium body and small thread at the end. I have the bolt
> > inplace but only one (home made) washer, I tried to compensate for
> > this by torquing it up to spec.

> I probably have one of those washers somewhere...

  I know I do have these washers plus the bolt, too. The bushings here do
wear out but are not the major culprit in making clunks as long as all parts
are installed correctly. Note: In the Bentley on page 69 fig.11-9, the
groove in the bolt is for peening the lip into as a means of locking that
bolt. Use a dull chisel and an Implement for delievering kenetic energy to
stake it.

  The one thing that I know can cause a clunk is the big rubber bushing
common to the torsion housing and spring plate, the ones that wear out after
umpteen bumps and potholes. I have replaced a lot of these over the years.
These are available from some places. I would stay away from the urathane
replacements due to higher NVH (noise, vibation, harshness) transmission.
You can usually tell their condition just by looking at the gap between the
retainer plate with the 4 bolts and the spring plate's long tube thingie
that sticks thru the hole in the center of the retainer. If these are
touching or are very close and you can see shiny metal where they are
hitting, you should replace the 2 spring plate grommets.

  If somebody has replaced a spring plate and has not matched the parts to
the correct year , that can also cause clunks. The later single plate spring
plate takes a different 4 bolt retainer. If an early retainer is on a late
plate, there is too much space between the housing/grommet/spring
plate/grommet/ retainer and you will get clunks. These parts are all the
same as a T1 except the torsion bars do vary slightly.

 Hope this helps


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