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RE: [T3] Won't Start Puzzler

Too bad that changing the head sensor had no affect on the fix
but you have some more future insurance now from other weird
breakdowns, I had this problem too before.

Yeah I think it is a good idea to look at your pressure sensor, I
forgot how to test it, the troubleshooting of this unit is probably in the 
Bently manual. The pressure sensor is somewhat like a varible transformer
and the internal winding may short or open. Check manual for resistance
 readings. This pressure sensor failed me twice in the past because I
used old junkyard parts that were at the end of life. The internal diaphram
tends to crack after thirty years of use. Sometimes the round plate
diaphram cracks (most common, many autotopsis in junkyards), this
problem can be diagnosed by sucking or placing vacume on vacume
inlet and observing how much leakage occurs, should not leak; or 
the barometric bellow diaphram may be cracked, this later problem is not
as common but age will make it common, you cannot diagnose this easily,
you must open and check (if screws were installed); in any event the
pressure sensor must be replaced by a new expensive Bosch unit or a cheaper
unit from Brent Instruments. I have had much pains and headaches because
of this, just like you. I have have nearly every type of EFI problem before.
Good luck.



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