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RE: [T3] Won't Start Puzzler

I replaced that cyl head temp sensor and headed out for a test drive in my '69 fastback.  After about 2 miles, it happened again.  I got a quick jerk and loss of power.  Downshifting to inrease rpm and to see if the car would jump back to life did not help.  The idiot lights didn't come on until after I was pulled over to the side of the road and nearly stopped.  

A couple of tries with the key and it started up again within 30 sec. (normally it starts on the first try after just a couple of compression strokes).  made it about 50 ft going slowly in 1st gear and the motor quit again.  A few tries with the key and I was off again.  Car ran smoothly all the way to my garage, where I let it idle for a bit before shutting it off.  

Both temp sensors gave me reasonable resistance measurements before and after that run:  Cyl head temp cold was around 3k-ohm, hot ~500 ohm.  Air temp sensor cold ~500 ohm, hot ~100 ohm.

I'm going to try the ECU swap next.  Any chance I have trouble with the pressure sensor?  Anything electrical in there that could give intermittent screwey readings to the ECU?  The vacuum component of that thing is good.  The FI document on Toby's site has resistances that you are supposed to measure between the PS connector pins, but I wonder if that will necessarily tell me the whole story of what the PS is doing. 

-Mark Fuhriman (grasping at straws now - and still riding the bus)

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