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RE: [T3] Won't Start Puzzler

I've got the car idling out in the garage very nicely.  Haven't changed out that cyl head temp sensor yet, but I am thinking that may well be my problem.  

A few days ago the car kept starting (albeit with difficulty) when cold.  Then, as soon as it began to warm up it would quit and not start.  I'd go back out an hour later, and it would start again, but again with difficulty (In normal mode, it always starts after just a few compression strokes).  This scenario kind of matches the scenario Jim described on his '68.  Anyhow, this was the day I first got it to die when wiggling the cyl head temp sensor.  At the time I attributed that dying episode to chance (it always seemed to die randomly).  One thing I did later that day was took off the sensor and reinforced the wire/sensor connection with shrink tubing.  I recall that the insulation there was cracked, which probably allowed the bare wire to short to ground at the sensor body (right where the wire enters the sensor).  Think this could have caused the random stumbling/no-start episodes??  Maybe I "fixed" this unknowingly with the shrink tubing.   Is my description coherent??  

I'll put the new sensor on and be brave and drive to work tomorrow.  And hope that fixes it for good.  You will all hear about it if it does not work...  Thanks everyone!

-Mark Fuhriman
 '69 Fastback

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