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RE: [T3] Won't Start Puzzler

> Ok, lets try this one again........ REPLACE THE #2
> SENSOR....:+). They fail
> in such a way that you get good readings but they fail when
> at temp. If you
Thanks for drilling the suggestion in, Pat.  I'm going to try that next
(although I was not able to get it to fail at temp last night).  I have been
distracted by odd wiring splices and checking all of the grounds (but I
don't think I wasted any time tightening that stuff up).  I have found a
local source for the cyl head temp sensor - Bosch 0 280 130 003 for my "B"
brain, right?  Even if it turns out that that sensor is not the culprit,
I'll be glad to have a spare.

And Jim, on my '69 the cyl head temp sensor is mounted on top of the head by
the #4 spark plug.  And I noticed that my case # corresponds to something
1971-ish.  Last spring the PO told me that he had a recent rebuild done
(must've used the good lifters, because my valves don't loosen up).
Obviously used the later heads.  The #1 and #2 injectors are grounded to the
top of the case, but the #3 and #4 are grounded on the tin by the #4 plug.
A strange arrangement.  And on that #3/#4 ground, there *is* a spring washer
in there, and it is holding tight.

My wife has named the car Lucille, reference to the old C&W song "Ya picked
a fine time to leave me Lucille..." (Willie Nelson?)

-Mark Fuhriman
 '69 Fastback

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