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RE: [T3] Won't Start Puzzler

On 3 Jan 2001, at 11:03, Plk554@aol.com wrote:

> Ok, lets try this one again........ REPLACE THE #2 SENSOR....:+). They
> fail in such a way that you get good readings but they fail when at
> temp. If you can't find one, I will send you my spare to try.

I'm coming around to this conclusion, too. My 73 has had a 
number of unexplained problems over the years, and even as I have 
found and corrected various problems, there remains a single 
failure mode that I have not been able to pin down. This may be my 
problem, too, so I may be trying a substitute cyl head sensor as a 
check come spring.

It should not be hard to find this part. Borrow Pat's if you just want 
to do a test, or I have one I can sell. I'll try to send you the VW and 
Bosch part #s tonight, when I get home to my part's lists.

I've had very little trouble with these over the years, except for 68-9 
when it is mounted under the #4 exhaust port. Is yours still in this 
early location? The problem I've seen there is that the wire must be 
bent sharply as it comes out of the sensor body. On my 68, it 
eventually shorted to ground there and that stopped the engine 
cold. I try to use later heads when I rebuild these engines, so I can 
put this sensor in the 70-3 position, up next to the #4 spark plug.

Where is yours mounted?

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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