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Re: [T3] Clocks

On 3 Jan 2001, at 17:09, Rex Trye wrote:

> Not wanting to re-invent the wheel, but is there a way one can test
> the clock from a T3 without it being in the car? We have a 12 volt
> 66 Fastback, I have at least one 12V clock spare and about half a
> dozen 6V clocks,

Sure, just hook it up to any 12-14V DC supply. Connect the + to 
the clock terminal and the - to the body; ignore the light. The early 
(up to ~71, with white plastic back cover) clocks usually fail when a 
kind of internal fuse opens. That fuse is just a piece of low melting 
point "solder" which you can just press back in place and resolder. 
To maintain the fuse protection, don't add more solder, just reheat 
what is there. You can reach all this by removing the 3 nuts from 
the back and pulling off the rear cover.

>  My question is, if the 12V clock is not workable, can I get one of
>  the 6V clocks to go on a 12V system. I would think it would need to
>  be slowed down, with some type of resister?

The best way to change voltage would be to just swap solenoids. 
They remove with just 3 more nuts and should be just a direct 
replacement. That's my guess; I've never worked on a 6V clock.

If this worries you, I can do any of this for you. I fix these for a 
pretty reasonable fee and can swap parts for you in the process if 
you wish.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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