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RE: [T3] Won't Start Puzzler

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> From: Keith Park [mailto:TopNotchResto@worldnet.att.net]
> Mark, you found the problem but just didnt realize it!
> there is a spring connection inside the cyl head temp
> sensor... and as these
> sensors get older the connection can start to go bad...
> wiggling the wire
> may have affected it, but the warming of the engine and expansion of
> everything can and will break a connection if its bad... the

When I got home to the car last night I measured resistances of both temp
sensors and got readings within the spec ranges for each sensor.  So I
thought OK, if Keith is right I just need to fire it up, let it idle for a
bit, maybe wiggle the wires, the motor will stall, and I'll measure infinite
resistance at the cyl head temp sensor (open circuit).

It started right up for me, and I let it idle over a wide range of rpm for
probably an hour.  It wouldn't stall.   Wiggled the wires, no stall.  I got
in the car (with the multimeter) to run around town a bit to see if I could
get it to stall.  Got gas, bought groceries, and just drove around for a
while.  Drove it up and down my street, which has lots of little dips and
bumps, to try to jiggle something loose.  Not a hint of a miss, stumble, or
stall all evening.  I guess the car wants me to drive it to work again
before it misbehaves.

I would like to get a spare cyl head temp sensor.  Even if it turns out that
my sensor is not the problem, I'd like to have a good spare around.  Is this
a generic D-Jet part that I could get almost anywhere?  Anybody have a Bosch
part number for it?  My car is a '69.

Also, if that temp sensor tests OK next time it stalls, I'd like to try
hooking the motor up to one of those handy FI testers.  Anybody in the San
Francisco area have one to loan or rent?  I live in Orinda (East Bay).

-Mark Fuhriman
 '69 Fastback

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