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On 2 Jan 2001, at 13:40, Fuhriman, Mark wrote:

> I have made piece-meal repairs to the harness, but I don't think I
> want to get in and try to re-wire the whole FI harness.

Since you seem to have fixed the problems that were evident, I 
agree. The one problem that you MIGHT have that you can't see is 
crimped on connectors that are no longer tight on their mating pins. 
This is rather common on replaced injectors, where the pins are 
actually thinner than the originals. For these you can use a straight 
pin to carefully remove the female connectors from the plastic 
housing and then check the fit on the male pins. If they are not 
tight you can give them a VERY careful squeeze with a pair of 
pliers, then reinstall them in the plastic holder.

> By the way, I have already been able to rule out many of the things
> you mentioned like temp sensors, fuel pump, and pressure sensor.  But
> I think I will try the in-car injector test you suggest.  Looking at
> the spray patterns and looking for drips seems like a good thing to do
> whether you think you have injector problems or not...

I would check the dist trigger points next, unless you have already 
done this.

This is one of those times when a real FI tester would come in 
handy, as this will eliminate a whole lot of possible problems very 

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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