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> From: Martinez, Leon [mailto:martinezl@ftscpac.navy.mil]
> My point is do not only fix the things that just happen to come by
> on EFI as a case by case basis, you may take forever or at least
> a long time. Get connectors, boots, thin wires, older,
> soldering iron,
> good quality electrical tape, parts to replace very old parts
>  spend a
> three day weekend taking the harness apart (do not forget to put
> little pieces of masking tape on wiring with your writing showing
> were it goes). You will avoid trying moments and the indignity of
> pushing your car to work. You will rebuild motors, transmissions,
> brake systems, carburetors etc... Why not rebuild a 30 year old
> EFI system.

I have made piece-meal repairs to the harness, but I don't think I want to
get in and try to re-wire the whole FI harness.  The connections that I can
see to be good are probably as good as they will ever get.  I don't think I
can duplicate the quality of the original OEM crimped connectors, for
example.  I've been cleaning dirty connections with contact cleaner and
correcting potential problems (like unsoldered splices) as I come across
them.  You see, since the time I got the car the wiring has looked "clean"
and the car always runs as smooth as silk when it does start and run.  It's
just an intermittent stalling/missing/no-start thing that has me stumped
right now.  Not so severe a problem that I feel the need to re-do the whole

By the way, I have already been able to rule out many of the things you
mentioned like temp sensors, fuel pump, and pressure sensor.  But I think I
will try the in-car injector test you suggest.  Looking at the spray
patterns and looking for drips seems like a good thing to do whether you
think you have injector problems or not...

-Mark Fuhriman
 '69 Fastback

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