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Re: [T3] blinking (or the lack there of)

On 2 Jan 2001, at 14:41, Lyles, Chad wrote:

> hey guys i have a problem with my lights ( all except  headlights) all
> of my lights work but do not blink no blikers no breaks , but when i
> turn on the head lights they all work just no blink blink my hazards
> work , is it a relay switch or some thing i have one top break light
> out but will that cause all this fuss?

If your hazards work, but the TSs don't, then the bulbs and the 
wiring to the bulbs is okay. I would look at the wiring to and from 
the TS switch. A burned out brake light won't have any effect on 

> also i umm fried all of my dash lights! its quite silly actually
> how it happened. my speedo light was out and i had taken the light
> out to change it and forgot about it and left it where it lay , any
> way three moths later (just the other day) i was crossing the
> railroad tracks and all the sudden i heard a *pipp fshhhhhhhh* 

You've probably destroyed the variable resistor that is built into the 
headlight switch. This is a rather expensive part, but you should be 
able to replace that bulb (first! ;-) and then turn the knob fully CW 
and get the bulbs to come on at full intensity.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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