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RE: [T3] Won't Start Puzzler

I'm still working on this one.

When I got it running the other day, I jiggled some wires to try to get it
to stall.  I wiggled the wire to the cylinder head temp sensor, and the
motor quit.  I thought I had found the problem.  Took the sensor out,
measured resistance, but found it to be within spec.  Bent the wire in all
directions, but still got good resistance readings for the temperature.  I
reinforced the connection between the sensor and the wire with shrink
tubing, reinstalled the sensor, and the car started right up.  But after
several minutes of idling, it quit again.  After a few tries with the key,
it did start again.  The intermittent no-start/dying problem persists.  I
think my wiggling that wire and the motor dying were unrelated.  I think
I'll ride the bus until I find the definite cause.

The air temp sensor is good.  I tried switching coils.  I checked the
distributor carefully, including the clamp, trigger contacts, points,
capacitor, etc.  Fuel pressure is consistent.  Fuel pump operates when it
should.  Fuel filter is just about a month old.  I have never heard any
vacuum release when opening the fuel cap, but I'll do as Toby suggests and
listen for it next time it quits on me while idling in the garage.  I might
try that spare ECU tonight.  And look harder for broken wires or bad
grounds.  I appreciate all the input so far.

Unrelated:  I just sold my '70 Fastback that I had been using for parts.
(Had to do it to maintain peace at home.)  It was just a rolling shell with
almost no interior, brakes, or fuel system.  The guy I sold it to towed it
all the way from my home near Oakland to San Diego, CA.  He welded up a nice
towbar using 2"x2" stock that connected to the front beam.  He has plans to
put some kind of crazy Type 4 FI motor into it with Porsche 944 brakes and
race it.

-Mark Fuhriman
 '69 Fastback (in the garage until I learn it to behave)

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