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Re: [T3] wierdness

This iiiissss a weird problem ! Your fuel cutting out only uphill
veering right. I had a weird one like that once but it happened
when I braked too hard. The fuel pump is mounted on a rubber 
mount assembly to absorb the bouncing shock from the suspension
just under the gas tank on the passenger side. As it happens, when
I breaked hard the pump would move a little foreward and wiggle the
broken ground wire attached to the pump. I checked the wire with 
a meter, it checked out good , put it back, same problem when
driving. I checked the wire one more time by tugging at the wire
on both ends and my ground wire stretched like rubber. This
meant my wire was broken inside the insulation cover and
just wiggling may or may not have found  the problem. I replaced
the piece of wire and then all was well. This was good until the 
EFI pump relay under my dash flopped around a month later
shorting the pump power and causing all sorts of mayhem 
when turning suddenly, apparantly I previousely did low quality 
wiring work to my car. I corrected this by securing the pump 
properly so it would not just hang and flopp during turns.
 I shoot my foot often times, but I correct my ways slowly.

What you can do is hotwire
your pump to the negative and the positive of your car to see if
it makes a difference on these uphill veering rights, hook it up to 
your fuse assembly (find a big 12v hot fuse) or the battery and to 
ground. The pump has a + and - stamped or casted on it. Drive 
your car and try to duplicate the problem. If it does not come back
check your wires to the pump and the pump relay, you may have
broken, shorted or loose wires to the pump and to and/or to and 
from the relay. 

The pump was designed to work continuously in 
these EFI systems to circulate fuel in and out of "our " fuel rails
and to cool the pump itself. So don't worry, you won't break 
anything by performing this test.



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