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Re: [T3] ECU Question

In a message dated 1/2/01 5:05:00 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
stans4@americanisp.net writes:

 Since I recently posted about my ECU swap, I gotta take issue with this 
conclusion. When I did the swap it was done very carefully and after much 
much headscratching. It was on a freshly rebuilt 1600 DP that was 
experiencing an intermittent stalling and non start scenario. The car had the 
problem before the rebuild but I was hoping it was due to the 177,000 miles 
on the engine and sensors.  I tried to start the car with the old unit and it 
wouldn't fire even though it had fuel pressure and spark at the plugs. I had 
new trigger points in there too and new temp sensors. 
  I already had the ECU pulled from it's position in the fenderwell at the 
time. I pulled the old ECU off, installed the new one and it fired right up. 
I immediately reinstalled the old unit and tried to start it and it would 
not. I reinstalled the 'new' unit and it fired right up again. The irony is 
that I removed the 'new' ECU from a parts car that the previous owner's 
'mechanic' had diagnosed as having a bad ECU. So if everything else checks 
out, I wouldn't dismiss the idea that the ECU may be bad. It take less than 5 
minutes to swap so give it a shot.   
  Also, the distributor popping out the drive gear wouldn't be an 
intermittent problem but I have seen it baffle more than one VW owner.

Robert K

1965  1500s
1969  Squareback AT FI
1967  Sunroof B*g  

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