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RE: type3-d Digest V00 #533


I can wait, no problem. 

I found the tranny mount not difficult to remove.
The car needs to be lifted and one must lay on 
back and look up. The tranny must be supported
by something on wheels(stand or floor jack) so one
can drag it back away when mount is loose, you can
drag it on an unwheeled support but you will need 
more effort, even with engine in. Loosen tranny 
shift cable on the tranny. The 2(3? forgot)bolts on 
the crossmember holding the mount must be removed 
first, they are easy to access if on your back,
then you can drag the tranny two inches or more to 
remove the ground strap attached on tranny to carbody.
After this is done you can move the tranny a couple 
of inches more and easily access the two nuts
that hold the tranny mount to the tranny and the
mount is out. I usually use an old blanket to
make being on my back more comfy.



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From: Heather Woltz [mailto:dopetoka@yahoo.com]
Sent: Friday, December 29, 2000 10:34 AM
To: Martinez, Leon
Subject: Re: type3-d Digest V00 #533

    I would be willing to sell you the tranny mount,
but I will not be taking the tranny out untill I need
it.  Which might not be untill next summer. when you
take the trany mount off, do you need to take anything
off of the tranny? I have also heard is it quite hard
to take off a tranny mount since it is soo far inside
the car. Please email me back soon.


'71 fastback AT, FI

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