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Re: [T3] t3 transmision

Hi Neil,
Pity you didn't mention it at Lissburg as I had the parts book with me.

It looks like other info has already been posted and I'm baffled that
it isn't in line with the Parts info.

The only gear changes listed there are related to chassis numbers:
1st and 2nd gear on drive pinion changed from chassis 316 035 546;
3rd appears to only have the one part no; 4th changed from 318 064 185;
reverse from Feb. 1972.

The inner mainshaft changed from chassis 317 244 941 and again from 311 2146
and use of the new mainshaft 113 311 101C needs different small parts on the
There are changes to lockrings, seals, shims etc too.  This is all on
supplement 11, dated Feb. 72. I've nothing newer to check on, so the '73
change isn't covered.

There's no cross reference to gearbox numbering, so you may have to be a bit
inventive there!

I don't know if this makes it clearer or less clear, though!

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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> super shad.
>          anyone know from what no dc transmision these changes took place?
> neil verdon 66 sqr on irs pan
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