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[T3] HELP!!! PLEASE!!!

ok guys! Got some dire need of help here... I went to get my emissions 
done.. ok failed co when car was running perfect in my respect... so the 
dude tweaked everything and then on my voltage regulator... there is a blue 
wire that leads up to the generator light on the dash.. gen was charging 
fine before i thought.. but it fried the hell outta that blue wire and my 
Brake system light is on too... whats up anyone know?? i replaced the blue 
wire to the reg. all the way up to the gauge. now.. what? the brake light 
dealie is still on all was fine before i saw smoke and looked under the rear 
seat and saw it was messed up. i am assuming charging system is ok as i put 
everything back together as best i could in 35 mins. and limped all the way 
home 30 miles. with the lights on.. didnt dim... what does the blue wire 
do?? i am thinking it maybe wore itself through and shorted out and fried 
itself.. tried a new regulator.. not the prob.. so the reg isnt bad.. now 
what?!? please help!!! TIA Please reply direct if possible


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