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Re: [T3] Even Still Can't Get It Rigth With The New FI Parts In -- PROGRESS!!!

ALL fuel lines should be changed each 10 years... its a safety issue.

The oil in the pressure sensors is from someone overfilling the air cleaners
on the early cars.  it makes the sensors sluggish.


> I put in another pressure sensor and the black smoke is gone and it
> seems zippier than before.  I haven't given it the Texas Street test
> (A good hill to test these things in central San Diego).
> An interesting thing.  The one I got from the junkyard yesterday had
> some oil dripping out of it when I took it out of the box this
> afternoon.  Is that a sign of something that was wrong with the car it
> came from or is it possible that the one I had in there had lost some
> oil that was supposed to be in there?
> Now the bad news.  It seeks at idle.  I suppose I probably have to
> readjust it with the new pressure sensor.  And there is a leak in the
> fuel lines.  It looks like I cracked the one that goes to the #3
> injector when attaching the pressure gauge.  They all look pretty old
> and brittle.
> This brings up a question I have for Jim.  You were planning to sell
> fuel line replacement kits.  I think it fell through.  If it didn't,
> I'd like to buy one.  If it did, could you send me a shopping list
> with lengths of what diameter and good brand names.
> Mark Healey
> 71 FI auto square
> 71 FI manual square
> marksvw@healeyonline.com
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