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Re: [T3] Run-on.

> 1) Run-on. My FI engine is running on. More and more lately. Have not
> checked the timing yet (left my tools in DC, DOH!) but plan to. Main power
> relay switch is turning off when I turn the key off, so it's weird. Run-on
> is inconsistent, sometimes none, sometimes as many as NINE (that's a
> record!) turn-overs. Lots of stop and go seems for some reason to be
> to run-on but that may be coincidental. Filling the car with 89 Octane,

Mentioned before
> 2) Brakes. Before I went to DC, right wheel was squeaking. Turned out to
> the front wheel. Brake pads completely eaten through on one side. a) Turns
> out I have earlier model front brake calipers. And a frozen (or at least
> just barely moving) piston on the right side. What's the solution to that?
> Remember, Jim, how I told you I noticed it pitching to the left when I hit
> the brakes. It was hard to tell.

replace or rebuild your caliper, www.germanautoparts.com may have a
reasonably priced one, ask for Dave
and tell them keith sent you. specify early caliper if you have one as the
72 should have the late ones.  I may have a good core as well.

> 3) Water problems not solved. During a heavy DC thunderstorm, the now
> extensively (read: expensively) repaired leaks I had fixed were to no
> as water poured in from the tubes leading from the fresh air box. Now this
> must mean two things: A) my drainage hole is plugged, and B) wouldnt the
> fresh air box have to FILL with water before it could reach those tubes?
> Also still gettting some moisture in the back, noticed my new fiber mat
> damp. ARRGGH!!!

Bitch to the guy who did your work, $$ means the job should be done right
and no, the drain hoses are at the bottom of the air box and therefore
nothing should have to fill up to drain.  Moisture in the back is a bad
window seal or rear hatch seal most likely.  Time for another trip up, I
could offer more suggestion and a hose to find the culprits. Keep up the
efforts, these cars can and should be water tight.


> 4) Greg, send me an email (lost your address).
> 5) please note my new email address.
> Mike Wodkowski
> 72 Squareback
> FI, MT
> Brooklyn, NY
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