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Re: [T3] Even Still Can't Get It Rigth With The New FI Parts In -- PROGRESS!!!

> I put in another pressure sensor and the black smoke is gone and it
> seems zippier than before.  I haven't given it the Texas Street test
> (A good hill to test these things in central San Diego).
> An interesting thing.  The one I got from the junkyard yesterday had
> some oil dripping out of it when I took it out of the box this
> afternoon.  Is that a sign of something that was wrong with the car it
> came from or is it possible that the one I had in there had lost some
> oil that was supposed to be in there?
There is not supposed to be oil in the pressure sensor. That usually gets in 
when someone overfills the air cleaner, or the car gets parked on a steep 
hill. Drain out what you can get out, and see how the car runs.

> Now the bad news.  It seeks at idle.  I suppose I probably have to
> readjust it with the new pressure sensor.  And there is a leak in the
> fuel lines.  It looks like I cracked the one that goes to the #3
> injector when attaching the pressure gauge.  They all look pretty old
> and brittle.
Those hoses on the injectors can be replaced. You have to cut the crimped 
ferrel off to get the original hose off. Then just replace the hose using a 
hose clamp at each end.

> This brings up a question I have for Jim.  You were planning to sell
> fuel line replacement kits.  I think it fell through.  If it didn't,
> I'd like to buy one.  If it did, could you send me a shopping list
> with lengths of what diameter and good brand names.
I think Jim is off the list for a few days.
Just go to a parts store and buy 5/16" gas line rated for EFI. You should 
need about 20 ft. to do the complete car. And buy a bunch of hose clamps too.

Russ Wolfe

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