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[T3] One question

hey guys, im off to get my emissions done tomorrow after work...  i have a 
question. engine is stock. lower comp pistons though. F.I. single quiet pack 
BIG flange header. now. i have let it sit and idle just enough to get up to 
running temp a few times. and then i revvved it like jim said. kinda smokes. 
I have put 187 miles on the new re-build...  it puts out WHITE smoke. kinda 
blackens the tailpipe. carbon i think. but the white. thats oil right? when 
they do an emission test will the burning oil mess it up?? I plan on driving 
it around the block like 10 times or so then down to the emissions place. 
but it just kinda smokes more when i let off of the gas though. think it 
will pass emissions? I guess i am only skeptical because this is the only 
engine i re-built fully by hand and converted the whold dang thing back to 
FI. i had never split a case b4 this. runs like a bat outta hell.. but im 
just scared that the thing wont pass with the white smoke??

Cheers and  TIA!!
               Jason 1970 T-III Fasty

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