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Re: [T3] Syncronizing carbs

If it is easier you could buy/borrow a temperature
gun. A little laser beam is projected onto whatever
you point it at and gives you a reading of what the
temp. is. Remember the hotter the temp the more air
and the colder more gas. This will only get the carbs
in sync together and probably not to performance or
efficiency. I usually point the gun at the top of the
head. Hope this helps bro, I know how it feels to want
you car going. All I need to get my 68 fasty going is
new bearings (cam/crank) and rings. Pretty much about
$100 worth of stuff and that is all and about 8 hours.
I am broke right now and have no time. 

Erick the daddy with a fasty

--- Henrik Larsson <notchback@home.se> wrote:
> Thanks to those who answered my question. I couldn't
> find a sync tool
> locally and if I order by mail it will take at least
> a week before I get
> the tool. I'm in a bit of a hurry, because I had
> planned to use the car a
> lot this weekend.
> I probably try the "Dave Hall method" to get closer
> to syncronized carbs
> and then order a sync tool and do it again.
> Henrik Larsson, Sweden
> 1964 and 1968 Notches
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