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[T3] Even Still Can't Get It Rigth With The New FI Parts In

Throughout this saga people were telling me to check things that I had
checked earlier on.  So here is a complete description the problem.  I
hope someone can come up with something else to check before I start
spending a bunch of money swapping out parts.

P.O.  had a mix-n-match FI system in there.  I couldn't
ajust anything right.  I put in all 71 parts and it is alot
better but still not right.

The problem:

Power and mileage are low and there is black smoke in the

What I've checked or ajusted.

Fuel Pressuere is 28 psi

Charging voltage is 14.0

Valves are ajusted.

Dwell is set with the feeler guage.

It is timed.

Compression is 100 all the way around.

All spark plugs were blackened.  Now cleaned and gapped.

Idle is 800.

Primary MPS winding is 100 ohms.

Secondary MPS winding is 350 ohms.

Temp sensor 1 is 300.

Temp sensor 2 is some value I forgot but I wrote "OK" in the

What's left to check?

Someone suggested that the cold start valve or injectors
might be leaking.  I doubt this becaue it was running lean
before I put in the new parts.

It was taking a while to start and then ran smoothly.  Jim
suggested that there was a leak in the fuel lines but I
think the air got in when I put on and removed the pressure

Mark Healey
71 FI auto square
71 FI manual square

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