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Re: [T3] Im back! and POR 15

on 29/8/01 1:42 PM, Keith Park at TopNotchResto@worldnet.att.net wrote:

> As for the POR 15... Im trying it on the Golf, which will be the winter car
> now, in several different applications. So far im really disappointed! Im
> using the metal prep spray, followed by a rinse, dry, and application.  If
> using one coat (the reccomendation is 2) Im showing rust showing through
> even when the metal isnt in direct contact with water in just a couple
> weeks!  on the metals with 2 coats Im OK so far and the stuff does dry rock
> hard.  What worries me is that the metal prep zinc spray seems to be of
> limited effect... and with any kind of scaley rust you may just be sealing
> it all in where it will continue to corrode under the paint. And perhaps my
> worst worry, if this stuff doesnt really work properly it may be darn near
> impossible to remove and try again.  Ill really find out more after the
> first winter but as of now its not going on the T3's just yet, maybe the 2
> coats is really the answer and some of my applications are that way so Ill
> watch them carefully
When I went to get some POR 15 from a local paint place, instead of selling
me the metal ready with it, they sold me a small jar of phosphoric acid,
which is the same as metal ready except it is in a more concentrated form.
This allows you to add as much water to it as you need to get the right
dilution. I have only painted the inside of the floorpans of my bug, and I
will be using the acid on the outside. Then I will really find out how it

Ben Doughney

'71 1302S
'63 1200 - Ringo

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