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Re: [T3] A Question....

On 29 Aug 2001, at 1:46, Jason Cornfeld wrote:

> I just finished building a stock engine with stock Fi. and i didnt
> know they made better air cooling tins that went under the cyls. i
> just put the plain old square piece of metal hooked to the studs
> in there.. will this be ok? or should i get the higher efficiency
> cooling tin that wraps around the cyls? and if i have to get the
> bigger tins do i have to pull the engine to put em in? i assume so
> because they go between the head and cyl. please let me know
> because if the car will be fine with the older style cooing
> deflector dealies... i would assume just leave them. 

I would leave them. To make the changeover correctly you also 
need to replace 4 other pieces that are different to fit with the later 
"cool tin."  

> and one last question... after my first 1500 miles on the new
> engine should i pull the engine and check the head studs?? and the
> torque?? please let me know.. as i would much rather not.. but if
> it is reccommended... i rather do it. 

I always torque the heads in stages, doing the last couple of lb-ft 
over a couple of days to let things settle in. With this method I 
never retorque. VW never recommended it, but sloppy assembly 
techniques might make it necessary.

If you do the following I don't think it should ever be necessary:

Flycut the heads just enough to clean up the seating surface

Clean up the case surface enough to make sure that the new 
cylinders can seat on a FLAT surface

Have case savers installed

Torque to the upper end of the recommended range.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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