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[T3] Im back! and POR 15

Well,, Im back, but still on the same ISP for the moment, discovered that if
I reboot enough I can get on reliably each night. But roadrunner is in my
near Future!

Square has been hauling the boat 180 miles each weekend without fault, Notch
still hasnt made it to a show but upon looking into my 73 breather with Jim
I decided to pry the cap off, stick a rag over it and WALLA!  NO OIL
LEAKING!! So Jim Adney has me driving down the right path again and Im gonna
try an earlier breather.

As for the POR 15... Im trying it on the Golf, which will be the winter car
now, in several different applications. So far im really disappointed! Im
using the metal prep spray, followed by a rinse, dry, and application.  If
using one coat (the reccomendation is 2) Im showing rust showing through
even when the metal isnt in direct contact with water in just a couple
weeks!  on the metals with 2 coats Im OK so far and the stuff does dry rock
hard.  What worries me is that the metal prep zinc spray seems to be of
limited effect... and with any kind of scaley rust you may just be sealing
it all in where it will continue to corrode under the paint. And perhaps my
worst worry, if this stuff doesnt really work properly it may be darn near
impossible to remove and try again.  Ill really find out more after the
first winter but as of now its not going on the T3's just yet, maybe the 2
coats is really the answer and some of my applications are that way so Ill
watch them carefully


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