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[T3] Newspaper Article

Hi All, here is an article from "The Sun" (UK tabloid) from 27th August

And I wish I hadn't uninstalled my OCR package, as that would have saved me
typing it up by hand! I can send the picture which goes with this article if
anyone wants to post it on the web. The car concerned is a '73 Type 3. I
wonder if Dave H should try and get him enrolled in the VW Type 3 & 4 Owners



by Tom Worden.

Tourists are queuing up to visit Buckingham Palace.....on a four poster bed.

Madcap Edd China dons a nightgown to to drive them round London's famous

He harges them 100 per passenger for a three hour guided tour aboard the
barmy bed, converted from an old 1.6 litre Volkswagen Variant. The pedals
and steering wheel are hidden under a duvet, and it has a mirror and speedo
on the wooden posts.

Siobhan Henry, 32, from Dublin said: "He's barking but it certainly beats an
open top bus."

The Sun joined Edd, 30, for a spin. As well as Buckingham Palace, the trip
took in Big Ben, Horseguards Parade and Kensington Palace.

Cops stopped us twice but the bed has road tax, an MoT, insurance and
qualifies as a car.

Edd, a designer from Farnborough, Hampshire, said: "Everyone who sees it
waves and cracks jokes. If customers get tired they can have a kip."

Edd has built a string of zany vehicles, including a bathroom bike.

In 1998 he won the Sun-sponsored wacky races in Donington Park,
Leicestershire....in an 80mph sofa.

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