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Re: [T3] burg lisburg meeting germany.

Dear Neil,

I read with great interest your report on the Type3 Meeting in Germany.  You
were very lucky to be able to go.  I wish we didn't live so far away.  Yet,
while you were hot and "soaking wet with sweat" at the Type3 meeting we were
very cold.  The weather forcast for last weekend was for a possibility of
snow.  In fact, it didn't snow here in Toowoomba but about 250km south of here
the highways were blocked by heavy snow on Sunday causing long tailbacks of

I was especially interested in your report of an experimental early Fastback
with front McPherson struts.  What type of steering did it have?  Was it rack
and pinion or in German "Zahnstangenienkgetreibe"?   Did it have a front
subframe for the front suspension like in the case of the1302 and1303 Beetles?
Did the spare wheel lie flat in the front boot or trunk?


Simon Glen
Toowoomba,  Australia.

Neil Verdon wrote:

> Well .
>        I pushed out nearly a 700 mile trip yesterday to go to the t3 meeting
>         It was a truly wonderfull day and boy did the sun shine with
> tempretures up in the high 30s everybody was soaking wet with sweat the
> whole day. ........

> A particular favorite of mine had to be a factory test model erly shape
> fasty with, wait for it, McPherson front suspension.  I talked at length with
> the lady German owner this car is driven daily has accrued 850,000
> kilometres!
>       It came into her ownership via a previous boyfreind's father who had
> been given it by VW to put mileage on on the understanding that after a
> while it would go back to the factory for examination.  Well, for one reason
> or another it escaped being returned (and I might add crushed as was normal
> practice for test models) and is on the German roads to this day and a very
> interesting set up it was too with a very comfortable ride by all acounts.
> .......

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