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Re: [T3] Swing axles to "IRS"

> On 24 Aug 2001, at 22:52, Simon Glen wrote:
> > A friend here has a 1963 notchback.  He is about to fit the front axle
> > beam and disc brakes (and 4-stud wheels) from a 1970 fastback which has
> > no engine and has a rusty body and floorpan.  Afte he has done this, he
> > then faces the problem of what to do about the mis-matching rear 5-stud
> > open-centred wheel rims.  Rather than mess around with changing rear
> > brake drums, stub-axles, bearings, etc how easy or how hard would it be
> > for him to make use of the entire 1970 gearbox, torsion bar tubes,
> > diagonal trailing links, CV-jointed half-shafts, brakes, wheels, etc.??
> That would work fine as long as he also welds in the 2 side rear
> engine mount supports to the sides of his body. He would also
> need to use a late engine with the rear mount crossbar.
> The IRS rear subframe lacks the wishbone which supports the
> engine/tranny in the middle.
> -
> Jim Adney

The other option would be to weld IRS trailing arm brackets onto the swing
rear torsion assembly.  Someone else has done that on the list....maybe
there are pictures?

Bob Myers

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