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Re:[T3] hands of clocks

Hi Neil,
I just bought a rusty old grey faced, "broken" clock from T3D in UK for #5.
I managed to get the hands of by using 2 flat bladed screwdrivers and
levering off the edge of the casing on opposite sides of the hands. They
popped of quite easily and I didn't damage anything!- wouldn't want to
guarantee it though! This clock looked like it had been sitting in a puddle
for a while- all rusted up down one side and loads of little black insects
inside. I cleaned up the metal work in vinegar to remove the rust, and
repainted the bezel parts. When I took off the cover over the mechanism, I
found it was one of the later Jaeger transistorised movements. I cleaned the
mechy in Isopropyl alcohol in an ultrasonic cleaner and oiled the main
generator/escapement shaft and guess what- it works perfectly- haven't
tested its accuracy though. Does anyone know if its possible to remove the
dial- mines got a little rust discolouration on one edge. I couldn't get it
to budge though so will have to live with it for now. Otherwise it looks
beautiful with its newly painted silver bezel- can't wait to see it at night
all illuminated!

Good Luck

Mark Seaton
Newly obtained Orange and rust 73 fasty- London

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