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RE: [T3] Rear window Seal

"Ralph" <ralph855@earthlink.net> wrote:

>Hi, I have some minor rust under the rear window of my fastback and want to
>replace the rubber seal.  Any advice from someone?  I know that the window
>will have to come out.  any tricks?
>Ralph, 1970 fastback,
If the rubber is in bad shape, just cut the inside lip with a box cutter.
Make sure you do not press too hard and cut the vinyl or the headliner.
Once you remove the inner lip the window will "popout" with a little
convincing from the inside. OTOH, if the seal is in reusable condition
you can remove just by lubricating the outer seal. Just get your fingers
or plastic scraper and spread the outer lip and spray either silicon or
spread some vaseline in where the rubber meets the body. Go all the way
around the seal. Once the lube is in, the window can be pushed out. Be
careful not to push in jerks. Push evenly and patiently. 

The windows can also be removed "dry" it just takes a little more pushing
from the inside. 

I just removed all of my windows in my '70 Fasty. The side windows, I used 
vaseline and on the others, I just simply spread the seal from the outside
then pushed them out. BTW, I was able to this by myself. There is no
real danger in dropping a window if you do this in a calm manner. Do not
rush this kind of job or you will find yourself looking for a glass
replacement shop 8-).

If you are looking for a replacement seal, I have a complete used set
that I am looking to sell. The seals are in great shape with no cracks
or dryness (very rubbery).

Good luck!!! 
Alex Magro
'70 Fastback AT/FI
'70 Square AT/FI
'92 Jetta EcoDiesel

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