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Re: [T3] Still Can't Get Right With The New FI Parts In.

On 24 Aug 2001 17:37:43 -0700, Mark Fuhriman wrote:

>Mark, it's been a while.  Please give a description of your symptoms again.
Something about running rich..?  What did you change, why did you change, and what is
happenng now?

P.O. had a min-n-match FI system in there.  I couldn't get anything to
ajust right.  I finaly got the parts for a complete 71 system and put
it in.  Things are better but there is black smoke in the exhaust, it
can't handle hills, the mileage is crap.

Valves are ajusted.

Dwell and timing are set.

Idle is at 800.

Fuel pressure is at 30.

Measured from the ECU plug on a cold engine on a hot day.

Primary 100 Muir sez should be 90.

Secondary 350 Muir sez 350.

Temp Sensor 1 250 Muri sez should be 300.

Temp Sensor 2 I forgot what it was but wrote OK in the book.

Throttle valve switch is OK.

>You mentioned a temp sensor might be wrong...  Which one?  I think the cylinder head
temp sensors are essentially all the same (shorter wire after '69 I think).  Then there is
the air temp sensor.  The early (68-69) are mounted on the aux air regulator.  Later
sensors go on the intake manifold I think.

Doesn't matter.  Jim says it controls the cold start valve which I
don't use anyway.

What do I check now?

Mark Healey
71 FI auto square
71 FI manual square

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