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Re: [T3] my discovories, and a boo boo.

I think (therefore I am) you have an auto equipped 412 (If I remember
right)????? If so I know where parts are available I happen to know where
there are a couple of T4s near me, and both are autos and one is a parts car
that is mostly complete. I doubt that the mount could cause an auto to shift
hard, that is usually adjustments that would be virtually identical to what
an early T2 auto or a T3 (had to work the t3 content in here!) auto would
require. All of which are the 003 automatics  built under licensee from Borg

We have a T4 forum on the Shop Talk Forum so maybe you should check that
out, could be a good resource. I may be able to help with a part or two, I
did put the T4 center mount set-up in my Notch when basically the whole T4
drivetrain went into it.


hope this helps,

PS, no, you shouldn't have to take it apart unless the tranny is busted.

> well, I got under the naughty panther (74 412 square) yesterday, to see if
> any tranny mount bolts were loose.. perhaps the cause of the hard shift
> 2nd gear under load...   I discovered that on the drivers side, the mount
> that extends down at the edge of where the tranny and engine are linked,
> seems twisted and bent...  Suppose this is the cause?
> oh big giant head???
> Where should I look for this mount? will I need to take out the whole
> shebang? (eng & trans?)
> should I scream now?


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