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Re: [T3] shortened axles?

Just recently this was covered on the Shop Talk Forums under the T3 part of
it. More specifically, the short T1 swing axle way of doing it. There has
also been discussions about converting a swing suspension sub-assembly to
IRS and the fabricating of rear hanger mounts have also been mentioned
somewhere on that forum. We tend to discuss the darkside of the T3 over
there and let this list cover all the stock stuff which keeps Greg and Jim
much happier (LOL) and doesn't plug up the band width.

I have also narrowed my Notch's IRS rear track and installed a 7" wide
Brian S. did it a different way ands to the same end with a different offset
rim. Come join us over there for the darker side of things (and T3s)!  Its
located at:


And we will never try to replace this, the most knowledgeable cyberspace for
T3s. It's just not possible!

Tom's Old VW Home

> Greetings, all.
> Just wondering, having some rainy-day thoughts here...
> What are anyone's thoughts re: stuffing wider tires under your fenders via
> shortened rear axles ?  Labor/cost involved, safety/ride concerns,
> (purely cosmetic) vs. disadvantages.
> Anyone have experience with this?  Or if not experience, at least a
> well-reasoned opinion?
> Thanks.
> --timmy
> 72 Square

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