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Re: [T3] Still Can't Get Right With The New FI Parts In.

On 16 Aug 2001 16:43:42 -0700, Mark Fuhriman wrote:

>Mark, maybe you should give a quick summary of the troubles (if you have recently I
apologize..).  From what I recall, you have put things back together and you seem to
have symptoms that point toward rich fuel mixture.  You have verified that the regulated
voltage is good.  Here's what I'd look at next:
>o Plugs black and gunky?  All of them?  Do they all look the same?

They all were black and pretty much the same.  I cleaned them up and
put them back.  Gaps OK.  Problem persists.

>o Fuel pressure around 30psi?


>o Valves and timing adjusted OK?


>o Leaky injectors?  Leaky cold start valve?

Do you mean that they are loosing gas to the air or extra into the

I didn't change the injectors so I figure that that isn't the problem.

I've never put in the connector to the cold start valve, also I
haven't changed it.

>o bad or out-of-spec pressure sensor?  Can measure resistances of primary and
secondary windings.  See Bentley for values.  Is that hose in good shape and

Couldn't find them in bently but I did find them in Muir so I didn't
look very hard.

Measured from the ECU plug on a cold engine on a hot day.

Primary 100 Muir sez should be 90.

Secondary 350 Muir sez 350.

>o bad or out-of-spec temp sensor?  Measure resistance and compare value with

Temp Sensor 1 250 Muri sez should be 300.

Temp Sensor 2 I forgot what it was but wrote OK in the book.

Unfortunately all Muri says about tolerances is "about".

I did the throttle valve switch check and it was OK.

I didn't check the trigger contacts in the dist. since I figured it
wouldn't start at all if they were bad.

As I was reading Muir he mentioned that the temp sensor that went with
the C ECU wasn't compatable with the one that went with the D.  Since
I had a bunch of mis-matched parts there is a good chance that I have
one that went with an E ECU.  Is it the same as the one that went
with the D ECU?

Mark Healey
71 FI auto square
71 FI manual square

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