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Re: [T3] fastback popouts

On 24 Aug 2001, at 11:35, Heather Ann Riggs wrote:

> I have recently purchsed some fastback popouts. I have
> several questions:
> 1. I have the latches(but no screws)are they the latch
> screws the same size as a bug latch screws?

I THINK they are.

> 2. How does the fastback "hinges" work? or are there
> some type of clips holding the window on? 

On the fastback only, the glass simply flexes. I'm not sure what 
anchors it there. There may be a pair of small screws.
> Also i know there are inner and outer seals. I have
> the ones that are attached to the glass itself with
> the chrome strips, they are in good condition. does
> the seal just sit on the body weld?

I think the inner seal is just a circular pinch welt that fits over the 
vinyl and the body weld.

> 3.I need the one that attaches to the body....is it
> the inner or outer seal? Are they available anywhere? 
> once i saw them in a catalog..but now i don't remember
> which one...

You could look for a donor fasty, or check for generic cream 
colored pinch welt. I think I have 1 here, but it is for a squareback.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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