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Re: [T3] Hi idle in nuetral

Hey Ralph-

Sounds like you need to adjust the idle mixture a bit differently... did you
already try this?  The technique I typically employ on dual 2-bbl Webers is
to disconnect all the linkage, then set up the air flow the same all around,
then adjust the mixture cylinder by cylinder.  I turn the screw in until the
engine starts to misfire (too lean), then turn it out until it hits all the
time again, then about another 1/2 turn.  If the engine was really far off,
I go back after this and check/adjust the air flow on all four again
(setting my idle speed in the process) and recheck the mixture again.

For the dual 1-bbl variety, a similar method will work.  The only difference
might be the figure of "1/2 turn extra" after it fires evenly.  You could
experiment a little bit: do just this, then try 1/4 less on both, then try
1/4 more on both and see what you like best.  Remember, it's best to do all
of this work with the car in drive (and A/C on if applicable), so you might
need a buddy to hold the brake for ya.

Take care,

> Hey fellow T-3's,
> I having some problems.. I just put in new Weber 34ICT's.  Of course it
> didnt come with any paperwork or directions.  I have tried to adjust them
> like my old Solex 32's.  I am assuming its similar.  but.. the idle is
> high in neutral/park (automatic) but when I put it in gear the idle is low
> and the engine seems to stumble.  but runs fine once I get on the highway.
> any advice?
> I did advance the timing just a pinch.
> Ralph, 1970 fastback, 1600, automatic. AC, (compressor leaks)
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
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