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Re: [T3] swing axles to irs

On 24 Aug 2001, at 18:04, neil verdon wrote:

> sounds like you guys got it covered .
>     but ! for the best of both worlds why not graft the frame horns from the
> swing axle onto the irs as well .

I suppose this is possible, but it might actually be easier to take 
apart an IRS AND a swing axle subframe and reassemble the early 
subframe (with the wishbone) with the trailing arms, etc that the 
IRS uses. Then there are the diagonal arm pivots which I believe 
you can buy from some of the off-road places and weld these to the 
early subframe.

> i will be doing this soon to cope with 100+ bhp from t4 power. best
> of luck no matter what you do.o yea if you gonna weld in the rear
> brackets for the engine mounts to the body its best to do so with
> the engine mock fitted this will give you the best chance to get
> everything sqr and true. 

If you just do this as stock, alignment is pretty trivial, as there is 
good adjustment in the body brackets, except for up and down. 
The vertical alignment should be easy to get right, however. At any 
rate nothing here is critical as this is just a 3-point mount.

>      for the totaly supported engine you could have 1 front g/box
> mount 2 frame horns 3 irs engine support bar 4 swing centre rear
> mount. with that sort of set up your engine is going nowhere! 

NOW you need to be really careful, because with the extra mount 
points everything has to be in alignment agreement, or the mounts 
will be in stress even without the drive gear weight.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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