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Re: [T3] my discovories, and a boo boo.

Hey Micah-

> well, I got under the naughty panther (74 412 square) yesterday, to see if
> any tranny mount bolts were loose.. perhaps the cause of the hard shift
> 2nd gear under load...   I discovered that on the drivers side, the mount
> that extends down at the edge of where the tranny and engine are linked,
> seems twisted and bent...  Suppose this is the cause?

Oooh, you have a manual T4?  I'm sorry... (it was a VW blunder... for those
who don't know, the T4 manual is a unique beast with impossible-to-find
replacement parts that was notorious for failing)

> oh big giant head???

What does William Shatner know about VWs? :-)

> Where should I look for this mount? will I need to take out the whole
> shebang? (eng & trans?)

Call around and see if it is the same as the auto tranny mount.  If it is,
you *might* be in luck.  I've only worked on one T4 (car, not engine)
before, and it was an auto '71 411.  The mounts you describe went up to the
body above.  If you can access all of these places, then maybe you don't
have to drop the engine.  I was surprised to see the mount there in the
first place, it seemed redundant to me (I expected a late-T3 or 914 type of
layout).  Anyway, to be safe, I'd put the car on four jack stands (to give
you room) then put cinder blocks/wood/etc. under the tranny to take a little
of the load off the other mounts just in case.

> should I scream now?

Hold it... hold it... okay, now.  :-)

> also.. on a non-VW note... (sorta) when I bought this car for Jake, it was
> so I could get him outta my car..  well... My motorcycle, which I drive
> primarily, as it is faster to split lanes through Hollywierd to get to
> work... has a boo boo.      I, um..     well...     broke the crankshaft.
> Now, I guess I will be driving my VW more than the idea was originally. At
> least for a week or so..  ($500!)
> ouch

So, what exactly didja do to break it?  :-)

Take care,

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