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Re: [T3] transmision

Hey Jim-

> > anybody know from which transmission no in 1972 the b/box went over
> > to the 9 tooth stronger first gear and the tall final drive ratio i
> > remember a good g/box site somewhere with all this info
> Not sure what you're after. The only change in the 1st gear around
> that time occured at VIN 313 2 044 337, early 73. I'm not sure what
> actually changed at that time.

Actually, all four gears changed at this time.  To better cope with the "big
1600" (this thing was built for a much smaller engine), they changed the
mainshaft, making 1st gear much more coarse-toothed, hence the "change" in
ratio from 3.80 to 3.78.  I *think* that this mainshaft used the same
gearing for 2nd gear.  Also, to make road noise less, they made 3rd and 4th
gear more fine-toothed.  This makes it fun for off-roaders: they had to
choose between a strong 1st and weak 3rd/4th or the opposite.  Some places
(like Rancho) can remachine a late mainshaft to accept the earlier, coarse
3rd and 4th gears, but it isn't exactly cheap.  BTDT... ouch!

The reason for the change to the single-side-cover tranny is simple: less
parts, less assembly time, and stronger result.  They saved money AND got a
better product.  The reason it wasn't always this way is evident if you look
at the split-window bus: the reduction boxes reverse the axle direction,
meaning that the differential in the tranny must be installed "backward."
They needed both side covers so they could make the T2 and the T1/T3

Take care,

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