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RE: [T3] T3 tow bars?

On 24 Aug 2001, at 2:18, Alex wrote:

> First, we removed the front bumper with its mounts from the body. We
> then removed the inner (U shaped) support and the mounts from the
> bumper. Then we made two pieces out of 1/4" steel that would be
> attached to the mounts with two bolts w/locknuts.  These pieces would
> hang down about 5-6" from the bumper mounts. The steel plates each had
> a 1 1/2-2" dia hole where a solid steel pipe would go in. This steel
> pipe had on each end a hole drilled to insert a cotter pin or small
> dia bolt/locking nut combo.

While this tow bar sounds like it worked pretty nicely for you, I 
think it's important to add a warning.

Neither the front nor the rear bumpers attach to anything with any 
real strength to it. The bumper mounts are just spot welded to thin 
sheet steel. While lots of us have gotten away with this over the 
years, including me, it's important to understand that the area 
where these mounts attach is one of the standard rustout areas on 
our cars.

I once towed my '68 type 3 150 miles, but that was in 1968 when 
the car was new. Most of our cars have lost significant strength 
there in the past 30+ years. OTOH, the front axle beam is a big 
heavy structural part which you can count on to stay attached to 
the rest of the car.

So even if you decide to go ahead and tow by the bumper or its 
brackets, at least tie a chain thru the axle beam so the car can't 
get away from you if something breaks.
Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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