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Re: [T3] Problem with power loss/Hesitation

On 24 Aug 2001, at 8:11, JSmith3@SARCOM.COM wrote:

> I seem to be having a problem with power loss on my 72 fastback,
> but the problem is intermitten.  Starting is a little rough but not
> too bad, idles fine. 1st gear no problem.  Then second comes in
> with a jerk and a loss of power for about 20 seconds I have to
> floor it to get through the lapse. Then 3rd gear transition is not
> bad and she runs fine with occasional loss of power if the gas is
> not to the floor until speed is reached. Additionally, the fuel
> pump is extremely loud at speed 

I suspect that your fuel filter is clogged and your pump can't keep 
the fuel pressure up in the system. Replace the filter; it's under the 
gas tank. Then ask why the filter is clogged and recall if your 
overflow hose leaks gas when you fill the tank. It probably does and 
you didn't think this was much of a problem, but water and dirt get 
thrown IN that broken hose just as gas spills out. That dirt is what 
is now clogging up your gas tank and filter.  

If that's not it, I would double check the timing. The timing on the 
72 is unique for our cars and you should follow the instructions in 
the Bentley manual to get it right.  

> after parking and opening the engine compartment, the cap on the
> vacum thing (you know the black cap that is spring loaded?) has
> come off. 

That's the breather for the engine. Either you're not getting it 
snapped down far enough, or the fingers are not springing out far 
enough any more. If it is the latter, you can take the cap off, stick 
something in it like a bottlecap that spreads the fingers outwards 
somewhat and let it sit in boiling water for a few minutes. Then let it 
cool with the fingers held outward. Afterwards the fingers should 
hold again, but you have to snap that plug down HARD to get it in 
there far enough to catch.  

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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