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Re: [T3] T3 tow bars?

 I had this same delema. What I used was a Super
Beetle tow bar and used the bumper mounts with the
help of some 1/8 in sheet iron. Be CAREFUL!!!! this
will work but if you don't brace the steering wheel in
the strait (12 o'clock) position with a good belt or a
good bungie cord then the car could go into a
malicefull shimi!  This happened to me when I turned
left from stopped and my fasty went more right when I
went left. Thus the car yanked itself way left then
yanked way right etc, etc.... I shook so bad that the
bumper mounts were almost torn from the body. I am
only giving advice and not gaurunteeing this will work
with everyone else. I just tried it and I learned the
hard way that you must brace the steering wheel before
you tow. Later guys I hope this works for ya.

Erick the daddy with a 68 fasty  

Jim Adney  wrote: On 23 Aug 2001, at 17:16,
TOASTEDT3@aol.com wrote:> Are the tow bars advertised
from places like RMMW and listed as a T1> tow bar
compatble with T3's as well?The type 1 and type 3
front axle beams are quite different, but you might
well make it work with some ingenuity and a good
welder.> If it makes a difference between early and
late, both our cars are> 71'sAt least from this point
of view, all the type 3 front axle beams look pretty
much the same.-Jim Adneyjadney@vwtype3.orgMadison, WI
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