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[T3] birth certificates

To all who asked about VW birth certificates: although I had heard they were charging 20DM ( to mail you an actual certificate, or email something?), I decided to finally try the email address I had. Sending them a cordial note with the VIN #'s from my '71 Square, '87 Quantum Syncro & my former '72 Sq., I got the following response about a week later:

Dear Mr. Hildebrandt,

Thank you for your e-mail and your enquiry concerning your vehicles' 

We are unfortunately not able to provide the requested information for the 
two vehicles with the VIN numbers 362XXXXXXX and 361XXXXXXX, as the 
historical vehicle data for these cars is stored on extremely fragile 
microfiche and most of this is already illegible through overuse. It is 
therefore not always possible to supply information on older vehicles. We 
apologise for this.

For your Volkswagen with the VIN number XXXXXXXX we are able to 
provide the following information:

Model: Passat
Engine: 121 hp, 89 kw
Engine Number: JTXXXXXXX
Color: Tornado Red
Production Date: 13/12/1987
Delivery Date: 14/09/1987
Delivered to: Columbus, USA

We are sorry that we are not able to tell you more and hope to have helped 
you with this information.

If you should have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us 

Yours sincerely,

Volkswagen Customer Service

While I am grateful for the information I did get, I am disappointed that I may never know the exact birth date, port of entry, etc. of my Squares. <sigh> Oh, well, doesn't surprise me...I think I heard that buisness about the microfiche before.


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