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RE: [T3] window vent shades and wet feet

On 23 Aug 2001, at 7:02, Erkson, Toby wrote:

> Okay, so I have to spell it out...
> If you just want to test the antenna then letting the hose run water
> over the spot will work.  If you want to test the WHOLE CAR then turn
> on a lawn sprinkler and let it 'rain' down on the car.  This way you
> can be in the car, checking things out, and as soon as you find the
> leak you can quickly turn off the sprinkler before you start taking in
> too much water.  Let's see you do that with Mother Nature!

That still doesn't check all the places that wheelspray will find. 
Mother nature can be pretty thorough, although not at all 
controllable.  ;-)

I met a guy once who worked at Chrysler checking new cars for 
leaks. I was surprised to find that they had a major part of the plant 
devoted to running the almost finished cars thru a 6-sides high 
pressure spray washer with UV fluorescent dye in the water. The 
leak checkers rode in the cars and watched the interior all over with 
little portable black lights, then they would mark leak areas for 

Only after this was done would the interior be installed.

I wonder if they, or any automaker, does anything like that 
anymore. It seems like poor design to have to depend on 
something like that to seal up a car.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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