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Re: [T3] Rear view mirror & parts

On 23 Aug 2001, at 1:25, Alex wrote:

> Hey fellow listees,
> I am in the process of completely redoing the interior of my Fasty. I
> am down to the metal everywhere. Carpet is out, tar boards out
> (remained together), windows, headliner, and hair like material on
> roof. The only thing that is left is the blasted rear view mirror!! I

Grab the mirror shaft with your hand, with your thumb against the 
base (top). Give it a hard yank down and to the rear and it will snap 
out of the ceiling. It is simply captured in spring clips.

> Also, I am in need of a couple of parts if anyone can help:
> >Lower tin piece that is mounted on top of cylinder, the "small?lower"
> >piece of tin that goes just "in front" (to the side, towards head) of
> the "upper/larger" piece with the two holes for accessing the spark
> plugs. It keeps the cooling air from exiting through the top of
> cylinder. It is approx 1 1/2" x 4"

If you already have the important pieces which have the 2 holes for 
the spark plugs then you are all set. There were also 2 much 
smaller pieces, but they are unnecessary. This is fortunate 
because they are gone from almost any engine which has been 

> >During the assembly of my father's '70 square engine, when the
> >fan/pulley
> was tightened, the center snapped off the rest of the fan. Now he is
> in need of a fan. It most have already been cracked or in bad shape
> 8-( Or maybe too much torque?

Or maybe the dowell pin was not lined up!

I have a good 70 pulley available FS.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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