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[T3] rear hatch seal

I had this same experience. My seal was from ISP but they claim that
they supply the seals to WCM so it's probably the same thing: extruded
profile without molded corners. I found that I had to readjust the hatch
at the hinges as well as at the latch with a lot of trial and error to
get it to seal well. It's possible to adjust the hinges too close which
would allow the hatch to strike the rain gutter, so you have to be
careful. It's now watertight and airtight, the only drawback being that
it needs a firm push to catch the latch (used to be that just letting
the hatch drop would do it). If anyone finds a source for NOS I'd like
to know about it. The molded corners would make all the difference.

62 1500 Ghia
65 1500S Squareback Sedan

  >>I finally got around to installing a new rear hatch seal on the
squareback.  It looks beautiful, but doesn't seal!  Has anyone done
this successfully?
    The seal is shaped like a "V" with a sideways cut at the base that
you glue to the body seam.  My problem is the outer arm of the V
doesn't contact the hatch most of the perimeter.  I'm getting major
exhaust coming inside at speed.
    The seal is from West Coast Metric, listed as a Karman Ghia front
hatch seal.  I used 3M adhesive, so I don't think it's coming off for
a retry...  It seems as if I should have held the seal up away from
the body as it dried?<<

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