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[T3] Rear view mirror & parts

Hey fellow listees,

I am in the process of completely redoing the interior of my Fasty. I
am down to the metal everywhere. Carpet is out, tar boards out (remained
together), windows, headliner, and hair like material on roof.
The only thing that is left is the blasted rear view mirror!! I have 
tried to turn, twist, pull, and push, and still it just won't come
out. I have tried to see if there was some screw that was accessed from
between the upper beam and the roof, but have found nothing. Frustration
is beginning to set in! I do NOT want to end up breaking it, nor do I 
want to leave it in and suffer miserably when installing the headliner.
So.....how does it come out?

Also, I am in need of a couple of parts if anyone can help:

>Lower tin piece that is mounted on top of cylinder, the "small?lower" piece of tin that goes just "in front" (to the side, towards head) of
the "upper/larger" piece with the two holes for accessing the spark plugs.
It keeps the cooling air from exiting through the top of cylinder. It is
approx 1 1/2" x 4"
>During the assembly of my father's '70 square engine, when the fan/pulley
was tightened, the center snapped off the rest of the fan. Now he
is in need of a fan. It most have already been cracked or in bad shape 8-(
Or maybe too much torque?

Thank you in advance....
Alex Magro
'70 Fastback AT/FI
'70 Square AT/FI
'92 Jetta EcoDiesel

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