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[T3] a bad idea?

So I saw a very nice set of five lug early, 5-lug
stock wheels and hubcaps, with the black VW logo on
the hubcaps, on ebay a couple of years ago.  I was
able to get them for about 80 bucks, with the idea of
putting them on my '67 using some adapters.

They sat around for the last two years, and finally I
took them to a local shop, had them sandblasted and
powder coated a nice ivory color (will go well with my
black square) then had a new set of tires installed. 
After all this anticipation... the adapters won't let
the wheels turn on the front, as they hit on the
calipers.  In the back, the adapters don't seat quite
right into the groove of the drum. 

Now, both of these problems are probably not too
difficult to solve, but I'm wondering what you all
think how severely I'll compromise the
integrity/balance of the whole wheel assembly by
grinding down the adapters in the back and slipping in
spacers (and longer bolts) in the front to separate
the adapter/wheel from the caliper?

My other option is to buy an early T3 (for my wife, of
course) with the 5 lug wheels... anybody know what
years they ran through?
Anybody know of one for sale in California?



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