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Re: [T3] Carb heater?

Hey Rex-

>             Maybe someone can help me, possibly in Britain. While this is
> not exactly type 3 related, (though we do have a 66 TL) I could do with
> some help or a point in the right direction. My 71 Kombi bay window has a
> flat spot, and I've done everything I can think of including getting it
> eliminated. The pre heater tubes are all working etc. I"m told there is a
> product that is available in the UK (and elseswhere?) It's for want of a
> better description is a little electric blanket that goes around the base
> of the carburator and is connected to the coil for heating. Can anyone
>   Thanks Rex Trye

Tell me a bit about the engine.  What size is it?  Are there ANY
modifications at all to it, namely any ignition (009 or 050 distributor?) or
carburetion "upgrades"?  Also, have you done a compression check and valve
adjustment lately?  It's summertime... if you've verified that the preheater
tubes work, that should be MORE than sufficient and I tend to think you may
be barking up the wrong tree by adding a heater.

> P.S. If only all the Kombi's went as well as the type 3's.

Oh, yah, I see... brownnosing to us so we like you, eh?  Wise guy... (just
kidding :-)

Take care,

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